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Our experienced team of professionals has handled jobs ranging from small office installations to multi-building multi-location wiring projects. Every line is tested to ensure it works properly. We get it right the first time!


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Skilled Cable Installation in Commercial Office Space.
Installing hundreds of network drops is one thing. Getting it all to work is another. We are dedicated to providing fast, dependable and professional installation of network cables and electrical wiring for computers and other equipment. Contact us today for a site evaluation

What makes us unique?
We are fully licensed and insured to handle both data network installations and electrical installations. This will save you from having to manage two different contractors and over-paying for work that could be combined (ex. pulling electrical and network/data lines at the same time). If you have ever tried to coordinate the installation of electrical and data lines, you will jump at the chance to use one single wiring company for the entire job.

  • CATEGORY 5 - 5E - 6 Ethernet, 100 & 1000 Base T, LAN, VOIP
  • COMMUNICATIONS Voice, Modems, Fax, and Paging Systems
  • FIBER OPTIC Single-Mode, Multi-Mode, and FDDI
  • WIRELESS Access Points and Antennas
  • COAXIAL Satellite, Closed Circuit and Cable TV
  • COMPUTER ROOM Racks, Cabinets, and Cable Management
  • DATA COMMUNICATION Internet, ISDN, T-1, Broadband, and WAN
  • DEDICATED CIRCUITS 120, 240, and 480 Volt, Single and Three Phase
  • POWER PROTECTION Lightning and Surge Protectors, Isolation Transformers
  • U.P. S. SYSTEMS Sales, Installation, and Service
  • BREAKER PANELS For New Equipment or Service Upgrade
  • LIGHTING AND OUTLETS Installation, Repair, and Maintenance
  • OFFICE REMODELING Lease Space or Tenant Build Out
  • TROUBLE SHOOTING Lights Flickering, Breakers Tripping, Grounding

CABLE AND ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS, INC. is fully licensed (TECL # 19754, HMEL # 95) and insured based in Houston, Texas. We use quality materials installed by skilled professionals and can handle any project, from the smallest to the most complex - quickly, efficiently, and reliably. Since 1983, we have completed thousands of projects and have built our reputation by meeting our client's needs - and exceeding their expectations.