Houston Network Cabling Services

CABLE & ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS, INC. is dedicated to providing fast, dependable and professional installation of network cables and electrical wiring for computers and other equipment.

  • CATEGORY 5 - 5E - 6 Ethernet, 100 & 1000 Base T, LAN, VOIP
  • COMMUNICATIONS Voice, Modems, Fax, and Paging Systems
  • FIBER OPTIC Single-Mode, Multi-Mode, and FDDI
  • WIRELESS Access Points and Antennas
  • COAXIAL Satellite, Closed Circuit and Cable TV
  • COMPUTER ROOM Racks, Cabinets, and Cable Management
  • DATA COMMUNICATION Internet, ISDN, T-1, Broadband, and WAN
  • DEDICATED CIRCUITS 120, 240, and 480 Volt, Single and Three Phase
  • POWER PROTECTION Lightning and Surge Protectors, Isolation Transformers
  • U.P. S. SYSTEMS Sales, Installation, and Service
  • BREAKER PANELS For New Equipment or Service Upgrade
  • LIGHTING AND OUTLETS Installation, Repair, and Maintenance
  • OFFICE REMODELING Lease Space or Tenant Build Out
  • TROUBLE SHOOTING Lights Flickering, Breakers Tripping, Grounding

CABLE AND ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS, INC. is fully licensed (TECL # 19754, HMEL # 95) and insured based in Houston, Texas. We use quality materials installed by skilled professionals and can handle any project, from the smallest to the most complex - quickly, efficiently, and reliably. Since 1983, we have completed thousands of projects and have built our reputation by meeting our client's needs - and exceeding their expectations.


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